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PIAM english profile

Name of NGO and contact details
Via Carducci n.28 - 14100 Asti - Italy
TEL. 0039 0141 3555689 - 0039 328 1896997

Project Director/Manager
TEL. 0039 3281896997

1.1. Prior experience
Since the year 2000, PIAM has been working on human trafficking issues, also establishing its reliability with the creation of key approaches based on the implementation of rights and empowerment strategies, that have been acknowledged both at national level and international level. This integrated approach leads to multiple programmes based on emergency sheltering, legal and health counselling, educational and professional training, involvement in projects aimed at promoting social and cultural “integration”. PIAM has run specific projects funded by the Minister of the Equal Opportunities, aimed at Protection Programmes for victims of trafficking, under art.18 of the Law 286/98 (social protection providing social and legal assistance to victims of trafficking, outreaching, other than sanitary and medical counselling and working reinsertion).
Since 2003 until present, PIAM has been also been involved in projects under the European Social Fund (ESF), as executive partner with tasks related to the implementation of training and work reinsertion programmes for victims of trafficking.
Moreover, in the framework of transnational cooperation in Nigeria, PIAM managed from 2005 to 2008 the project Safe Sex Long Life (SSLL), aimed at tackling the spread of STIs among sex workers in Nigeria (Edo and Akwa Ibom State). The project promoted safe behaviours among sex workers, provided medical diagnosis, care and treatment, through information campaigns, the setting up of HIV testing/screening centres in the cities of Uyo and Benin City, and ad hoc counselling for sex workers. In order to implement this project a strong partnership had been set up with the Akwa Ibom State Government, NAPTIP, the Edo State Government, the Ministry of Health of Akwa Ibom and Edo State, a Coalition of 5 local NGOs working against trafficking (NGO Coalition) and LIBFON FOUNDATION. The great accomplishments of this project were acknowledged both at national and international level (SSLL was awarded the well known Takunda Prize, sponsored by the Italian Presidency of the Republic).
Most important, in Akwa Ibom State the project SSLL was partnered by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other related Matters (NAPTIP) that was partner in SSLL with roles for advocacy campaigns and training of social operators.
In 2008 PIAM and NGO Coalition attended the Edo State Working Group/Committee on Anti Human Trafficking in Benin City, the city most trafficked women come from. NGO coalition, a local NGO composed of six local associations, was the coordinating partner in Edo State and allowed for the creation of networks with local initiatives against trafficking. The relevance of this partner is witnessed by the fact that this coalition, now known as "THE EDO STATE NGO COALITION AGAINST TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS (ENCATIP)", was created by UNDOC between 2003 and 2006, with the aim to carry out massive TIP (trafficking in persons) prevention activities, rehabilitation and re-integration of victims through micro-financing with funding and support from UNICRI/UNODC.

1.2. Prior experience in working with international organizations and/or government actors
The entire range of activities carried out by PIAM are funded or implemented with the support of government actors. Protection programmes under art.18 are sponsored and funded by the Government through the Ministry of Equal Opportunities and Piedmont Region Local Government.
PIAM is registered in the Registry of associations working in the field of immigration policies, established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Social Affairs, according to art.54 of the Presidential Decree 8/31/99 n 394. Furthermore, PIAM is registered at the Registry of associations working in the field of fight against discrimination, under art.6 of the Legislative Decree 7/2/2003 n.215.
The projects implemented under the ESF (European Social Fund) are equally managed at regional level and implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Asti. Since 2005, PIAM has been executive partner of the Municipality of Asti, in three projects aimed at promoting the social and working reinsertion of victims of trafficking (Projects TINA, TINA CONTINUA, TINA 3).
In the framework of the project Safe Sex Long Life (SSLL), an integrated project including outreach through street units, medical counselling and testing and awareness raising for sex workers and potential victims of trafficking in Nigeria, PIAM partnered with Edo and Akwa Ibom State Governments, the Ministry oh Health, and the Ministry of Youth, that have strongly supported the project activities on the field.
The project SSLL run from 2005 to 2008 and was financed by the Piedmont Region within the framework of the regional programme for decentralized cooperation projects.
NAPTIP, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other related Matters, was the most important partner of the project, with roles of coordination of advocacy campaigns and training.
NGO coalition was the coordinating partner in Edo State and allowed for the creation of strong networks with local initiatives against trafficking.

1.3. Affiliations or cooperation with national or international networks and organizations
PIAM has developed long lasting collaborations with several networks and organisations both at local, regional, national and international level.
PIAM is active member of the Immigration Council of the Prefecture of Asti and member of the Interregional network against trafficking of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta Regions. PIAM collaborates at institutional level with the Immigration Office of the Police Department of Asti, the Department for Social Affairs of the Municipality of Asti, and with several consortium for social affairs. PIAM is part of the network of Toll free Number against trafficking, that connects with local associations to commit girls to the various organisations. Stable collaboration and network is established also with other associations working in the field of fight against trafficking: the Province of Geneva, Caserta, Cagliari, Municipality of Turin.
The SSLL project included a strong partnership with the Ministry of Health of Edo State Government and Akwa Ibom State Government in the framework of an integrated intervention addressed to sex workers and potential victims of trafficking, that included HIV an STI testing and care, general medical counselling and prevention.
Most important, in Akwa Ibom State SSLL was partnered by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other related Matters (NAPTIP); this Agency, is the Federal Government of Nigeria’s response to addressing the scourge of trafficking in persons in Nigeria and its attendant human abuses in its entire ramification. NAPTIP, which is the country’s focal point in the fight against trafficking in persons and its associated social problems, and one of the most important federal agencies working against trafficking in human beings, was partner in SSLL in roles for advocacy campaigns and training of social operators.
The whole spectrum of activities related to legal assistance also involve a strong collaboration with the Nigerian Embassy in Italy for the release of travel documents.
At international level, PIAM is member of ENATW, European network against trafficking in women for sexual exploitation.
In 2010, PIAM partnered UNICRI for the Report named “Trafficking of Nigerian girls in Italy”, for data and story collecting.

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